Create and Add a User in SharePoint (WSS or MOSS)

To add a new user in SharePoint (MOSS or WSS) the first step is to create the user on the server. Normally Sharepoint users are created in the Active Directory and then given permissions to use the Sharepoint installation.

Creating a User on the Server

  1. Go to Start > Administrative Tools > Computer Management to open the Computer Management console shown below:
  2. Select Action and then New User to bring up the New User Dialog box. Enter the user details and the password options (note in this option we have set the password to never expire, if security is a high priority the password should be left to expire).
  3. Click Create and then Close. The new user should now be visible in the Users listing.

Adding The New User to Sharepoint

  1. Login to the online Sharepoint portal and select Site Settings for the Site Actions dropdown on the right hand side.
  2. On the Site Settings page, select “People and groups” which is under the Users and Permissions heading
  3. On the People and Groups Page, click the arrow beside New and select Add Users.
  4. Enter the username in the Users/Groups box and select the appropriate permission level.

The user is now set up on Sharepoint and can login using the credentials you just set.


One Response to “Create and Add a User in SharePoint (WSS or MOSS)”

  1. For me “start-Administrative Tool-Active Directory Users & group-Add new User ” worked