Create a Group for a SharePoint Site

To create a new SharePoint group, navigate to the People and Groups page (Site Actions >  People and Groups) , click the New dropdown and select New Group:

sharepoint group

This opens the New Group page with several options.

  • Name and About Me – simply enter the Name and Description
  • Owner – This setting defaults to the current user but any user can be chosen. The owner can add or remove users from the group and change the group’s  settings (even if the owner doesn’t have the permission to manage the site itself). Be sure to ensure that the owner has permissions to access the site.
  • Group Settings – Define who can see the list of users in the group.
  • Membership Requests – Define if people can send join requests or remove requests. If you enable people to send request you must provide an email address which the requests will be sent to.
  • Give Group Permissions to this Site – Define what permission level the group will have on the site.

Finally, click Create and the group will be created.


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