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International Warehouse Rentals

Check out our new site for international warehouse rentals – rent warehouse space in over 9 countries and 110 cities

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Customizing SharePoint Master Pages using SharePoint Designer

SharePoint Designer 2010 is a great tool for many tasks which are not possible using only the SharePoint on-site tools. One of the best features of SharePoint Designer is the ability to modify SharePoint master pages. In this post I will cover how to modify SharePoint master pages for some basic purposes such as branding and also change the […]

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SharePoint Recycle IIS application pool Error

Please note that the Visual Studio SharePoint development tools require you to install SharePoint on the same machine as Visual StudioWith sharepoint 2010 installed on a server and attempting to run the application from Visual studio 2010 you may encounter the below error : Error occured in deployment step: “Recycle IIS application pool”: The local […]

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Open PDF documents in SharePoint

SharePoint is capable of opening PDF documents however there has been a change since SharePoint 2007 which could open PDFs be default. The enhanced security features of SharePoint 2010 mandates that you must manually adjust the security settings to view PDFs otherwise users will only be able to download the PDF and not view it. […]

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SharePoint Backup Using PowerShell

PowerShell is a powerful scripting tool that comes as standard in a Windows Server 2008 R2 installation (for prior versions of Windows Server you should manually download and install PowerShell 2 here) PowerShell can be very useful for automating tasks such as backing up SharePoint sites. The below example demostrates a simple backup scenario where PowerShell […]

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Show Flash (SWF) Files in SharePoint

SharePoint pages can display Flash (.swf) files but y0u will need to do a little tweaking first before the flash <object> code will work in the html: Got to Central Admin > Web Application Management > Select your web app > Select General Settings on the ribbon > set the Browser File Handling to Permissive […]

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Using SharePoint with MVC

ASP.NET MVC can be used for SharePoint development except for Web Parts. If you wish to use the same design pattern as MVC in developing for SharePoint then you should refer to the Microsoft patterns and practices documentation for a model-view-presenter SharePoint design pattern at .  Also you can check out Web Part Development  SharePoint using […]

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Creating a Web Part For SharePoint – Standard vs Visual Web Parts

A common SharePoint developer task is to create a custom Web part. SharePoint 2010 include two different Web Parts –  Standard and Visual. A standard Web part provides the core infrastructure which allows you to create and deploy Web parts to SharePoint. In contrast a Visual Web Part fully utilizes the designer surface in Visual Studio to allow for […]

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SharePoint Performance – Back End Tuning

In my previous articles on SharePoint performance tuning, I discussed Front-End performance issues. Those tips were to improve performance to your environment, but if you neglect the final piece of the puzzle – Back End performance optimization for SharePoint – you won’t get serious results: Hardware Bottlenecks: You should constantly monitor  system resources on SharePoint Servers and […]

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SharePoint Performance Tuning – Resource Throttling

First introduced with SharePoint 2010, Resource Throttling allows the farm administrator to control the overall performance of a SharePoint farm. The biggest performance bottleneck in SharePoint sites is usually large lists, which either have numerous items in a list or have very large items in a list. Here, the rule is very simple – the […]

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