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SharePoint Search Using KeywordQuery

To build custom search applications on top of SharePoint you should use the new  Microsoft.Office.Server.Search.Query object model. From code, you can use either the FullTextSQLQuery or the KeyWordQuery class. The common properties and methods for these classes are defined in the base Query class, note however that this class should never be used. Whether to […]

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Working with SharePoint from External ASP.NET Web Apps.

SharePoint is essential an extention of ASP.NET and so with a just a little development work a SharePoint site can be extended in almost any way such as building custom Web Parts or accessing SharePoint from other ASP.NET web applications. Before extending SharePoint we will first need a solid understanding of the Microsoft.SharePoint namespace. There […]

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Creating Page Layouts in SharePoint

SharePoint ships with several page layouts which authors can use to create different designs of welcome and detail pages, however you are not limited to using only the page layouts provided by SharePoint. You can create your own custom layouts or edit existing layouts. When deciding on how to approach a page layout customization, you […]

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Diagnostic Logging in SharePoint

SharePoint includes diagnostic logging and event reporting that can used to troubleshoot errors may be encountered in SharePoint. The below steps will enable SharePoint diagnostic logging: Navigate to the Operations page on the Central Administration site. Select Diagnostic Logging in the Logging and Reporting section and the Diagnostic Logging page will appear. On the Customer […]

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Working with Master Pages in SharePoint

Master pages are reusable page templates which use a combination of ASP.NET controls and HTML markup. Once a user creates a new Publishing page, that page’s look and feel derives from a master page; the content to be displayed the content’s layout comes from the page layout; and the content itself comes from the Publishing page instance […]

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Getting Started with Silverlight in SharePoint 2010

Silverlight is a fast evolving and powerful technology for building Rich Internet Applications (RIA).  Integrating Silverlight to SharePoint sites allows for the building of very responsive and interactive interfaces as well as support for out-of-browser applications and a deep support for video integration. Silverlight integration is already included in SharePoint 2010 – when you try to […]

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First Look at SharePoint 2010 BCS – Business Connectivity Services

Business Connectivity Services (BCS) is a new service introduced with SharePoint 2010 to allow SharePoint sites to connect to and manipulate external data.  SharePoint 2007 had a similar facility in the form of Business Data Catalog (BDC) which made external data available within its site. However, a major problem with BCS was the difficulty in […]

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