SharePoint 2010 Articles

Getting Started with the SharePoint 2010 Excel Services

Microsoft Excel is the most popular spreadsheet application used in every office. As such SharePoint Server provides special support for it. In the current article, we will review SharePoint Excel Services and  publish a sample spreadsheet using Excel services. Microsoft Office Excel is powerful but not perfect. For example if you want a colleague to […]

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Building Custom Workflows using SharePoint Designer 2010

SharePoint 2010 comes with several inbuilt workflow templates, such as one for document approval. Sometimes these templates are not suitable and new workflows need to be created.  You can do this in one of the following ways: Using the SharePoint Designer. Designing the workflow in Microsoft Office Visio and importing into the SharePoint Designer. Writing […]

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Building Approval Workflows with SharePoint Server 2010

Workflows (sequences of connected steps) are an everyday occurrence in most offices and as such, SharePoint 2010 provides support for workflows. In this article we review how to add an approval workflow to a SharePoint Document Library. The approval workflow is one of the few built-in workflows that come with the SharePoint 2010. Basically it […]

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